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It is a popular tour to the lookout tower located at the highest point (2175m) in nagrkot.It is one of the best place to enjoy both sunrise and sunset with a 360Ā° panoramic view, which includes major peakes in the western Himalayan range : Annapurna, Manaslu. Himchuli, Ganesh himal and eastern himalayan range: Langtang, Dorje lakpa, Gaurisankhar, Choyu, Sishaphangma, including mt.Everest in a clear day. You can also have a view of nice landscape, thakauri village, army training centre while on the way to the lookout tower.
Duration: 2 hours +

Sunrise Tour Sunset Tour

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It is a full day guided tour to the village of the indigenous people of Nagarkot known as tamang people. A culturally rich region steeped in Tibetan tradition, the local Tamang people are some of the warmest and most welcoming people in Nepal These tamang are the Tibetan origin people speaking tibeto-burman language and living in the mountains and hills of Nepal as well as of India,Bhutan,Myanmar. Tamang heritage trail gives you and excellent opportunity to explore local village, traditional cultures and lifestyle of these tamang people. Walk along this trail gives you the real of Nagarkot. Walk starts from the office going down to cheese factory, Baluwapati village, Gairi gaun village, Dhada gaun, Katike, Mahankal temple and finally back to office.
Duration: 5 hours +

Tamang Heritage Trek Tamang Heritage Trekking

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Rohini bhanjyang is a small village of the Indian origin people. These people living in this village follow Hindusm and celebrate Hindu festivals. Most the people in this village are involved in agriculture or farming. During this walk we will pass through the village of Thakuri,who were once a ruling class of people in ancient Nepal. Similarly we also see a Gurung village on the way, which are world famous warriors and serve in the Indian army as well as in British regiment. Along the walk, we can have a nice view of the terrace field, green sceneries, and great panoramic view.
Duration: 5-6 hours

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There are many villages in and around nagarkot like Balauwapati village, Gairigaun village, Dhadagaun village,Bakharigaun village,Thakauri gaun village,Gurung Gaun and many others. Village excursion is a best way to explore the local lifestyle, traditional cultures, houses and farming patternĀ  of the local people living in those villages. In this excursion trip we will go and explore one of these many villages. We can also see nice landscape, panoramic view as well on the way.
Duration:2-3 hours

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It’s a refreshment walk through a Kusum community forest, goes along a part of kathmandu valley cultural trekking trail. It is perfect alternative for those who don’t want full day hiking.. Along the walk pine trees, rhododron trees (Nepal’s national flower), chestnut, walnut, nettle wood, teak wood, reed can be seen. animals and birds like Wild boar, jackal,tiger(sometime)deer, giant squirrel, Indian pangolion, black eagle, nightingle,owl,wabbler can also be seen. This walk starts from our office, crossing through the forest and reaching to a small public junction market “Katike” and returning back to office trough a rough road in the edge of the forest
Duration: 2 hours +

Nature Walk

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