Nature Walk in Nagarkot

Nature Walk in Nagarkot


It’s a morning refreshment walk through Kusum Ban (community forest). Along the walk, pine trees, Rhododendron Red (national flower), chest nut, walnut, Berries, Nettle wood, teakwood, Reed, fern bush, Barking Deers, wild pig, fishing cat, jackle, mangooose, rabbit, Giantsquirrel, Indian pangolin, Nightgale,owl, Wabler,Babler, cuckoos, cheerpheasant, fogtail,Golden eagle ,spotted dove and different flora and fauna can be seen.

Nature Walk

It’s a refreshment walk through a Kusum community forest, goes along a part of kathmandu valley cultural trekking trail. It is perfect alternative for those who don’t want full day hiking.. Along the walk pine trees, rhododron trees (Nepal’s national flower), chestnut, walnut, nettle wood, teak wood, reed can be seen. animals and birds like Wild boar, jackal,tiger(sometime)deer, giant squirrel, Indian pangolion, black eagle, nightingle,owl,wabbler can also be seen. This walk starts from our office, crossing through the forest and reaching to a small public junction market “Katike” and returning back to office trough a rough road in the edge of the forest
Duration: 2 hours +

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